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Remove SafeSearch Toolbar: Complete Guide to Uninstall SafeSearch

SafeSearch is a free browser add-on created by AVSoftware LLC. According to the creators, this browser extension offers customized web search experience and is compatible with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and FireFox Mozilla. This seems very useful but bitter fact is that creator of such application uses deceptive method to promote malicious website. SafeSearch toolbar get installed into the infected system via freeware program downloaded from the internet. Once installed, it modifies browser settings and default search engine. Every time when you perform a web search, it will redirect you to SafeSearch.net without your consent and permission.

Moreover, it display lots of annoying ads and sponsored links in your search results as well as collect search terms from your search queries. Hence, clicking on sponsored links on search engine leads to installation of unwanted add-ons, programs or software. Be informed that SafeSearch is solely designed for the purpose of monetization process i.e. this program is capable to track your online browsing activities and steal your personal and confidential data like user name, password, bank account details etc. So you should be very careful when installing such application. If by mistake you installed SafeSearch Toolbar on to your computer then immediately uninstall SafeSearch toolbar to ensure safe web search and browsing.



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