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Delete Limitlesslearner.com Permanently from Chrome, Firefox and IE

I am having difficulty in my online session. I really don’t why my search results gets diverted to Limitlesslearner.com whenever i attempt to open any legitimate site of my choice. I am also getting tons of fake warning messages which results to crashing of the operating system. Is Limitlesslearner.com a legitimate domain? Why it appears as my default homepage? How can i remove its presence permanently from the PC? Please help me as early as possible.


Limitlesslearner.com is recognized as browser hijacker which pretends to be a legitimate site at the first look. It can silently invade in the system and gets installed in the web browser even without the user knowledge. Limitlesslearner.com may appear as your default homepage and start to display unstoppable pop ups and advertisements on the screen. Usually, it displays promotional ads and tactics on the users to download the free programs from its links. It shows that your installed programs are outdated and you can download the latest version to enhance your working experience. Beware with such alerts because it may result dangerous for your PC efficiency. Clicking on these links will bring more harmful threats in the system. So, you are advised to remove Limitlesslearner.com quickly after detection.

In reality, Limitlesslearner.com has been designed by the third party hackers for advertising purpose. They also aim to drive more traffic on their site through illegal ways. This hijacker can also record your browsing history or cookies to know the users interest. Using the previous records, it will generate related advertisements to get more clicks. This hijacker does not allow the users to surf normally on the web and keep diverting them to bogus pages. Additionally, you may find unreliable extension in your browser which is difficult to remove manually. It can also drop bogus payloads in the registry editor and unwanted changes in the default settings of the system. The running speed of the PC will start to degrade gradually in which you will not be able to open a single file on time. Crashing or freezing of the operating system will become a regular issue in its presence. Thus, if you have detected any of the symptoms of Limitlesslearner.com then remove it as early as possible.

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