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Delete ‘look1213@protonmail.com’ Ransomware Permanently from PC

Can someone help me to remove ‘look1213@protonmail.com’ Ransomware from my system? It has encrypted my data and demands ransom to unlock them. I am unable to perform any activity on the system. I tried to remove it manually but ended up with failure. I know that payment will not be helpful. Please suggest any powerful way to remove ‘look1213@protonmail.com’ Ransomware completely from my system. What can i do now to recover my encrypted files without paying the ransom amount. Thank you so much in advance.

‘look1213@protonmail.com’ Ransomware

‘look1213@protonmail.com’ Ransomware is recognized as ransomware which is a modified version of BTCware ransomware. Its impact was firstly detected in second week of June. In very less time, it has encrypted the encrypted the data of millions of the PC. ‘look1213@protonmail.com’ Ransomware uses AES encryption to encrypt the files, images, videos, documents etc. After the file encryption, it will append .master, .blocking, .xfile, .cryptobyte, .btcware or .theva extension in all the file names. These files will become inaccessible and generate warning messages when you will attempt to access them. This ransomware will create a ransom note on the desktop and ask the users to follow its instructions. ‘look1213@protonmail.com’ Ransomware is not trustworthy, so get rid of it without wasting a single moment.

Generally, ‘look1213@protonmail.com’ Ransomware comes with the spam email attachments and gets installed under the internal files. The ransom note will ask you to contact on the given email Id and pay the ransom amount within 72 hours. It says that if you will make delay in payment then the key will deleted permanently from the server and you may lose all the chances of file recovery. Moreover, it has capability to steal the sensitive information of the users such as bank account number, password, user names, login details etc. In reality, payment will not help you to decrypt the files. In such a situation, you will lose your files as well as personal identity. So, what are you thinking for, try to remove ‘look1213@protonmail.com’ Ransomware quickly instead of sending money to the hackers.

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