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Remove HeartBeat: Complete Tutorial Guide to Uninstall HeartBeat

HeartBeat is a malicious program that is aggressively used in attacking against South Korea’s government. It has been noticed that it has successfully affected various political parties of South Korea as well as their military wings, its government subordinates, media agencies, research institute and so on. Hearbeat looks like a harmless document however, if it gets opened, it start its malicious activities immediately and has the full capability to ruin the associated PC completely.

As for normal Windows users, HeartBeat infection is equally dangerous. It displays continuous pop-up advertisements on the infected System related to victim browsing habits and other requirements. It transfers the search engine results to porn and malicious websites from where further such malware sneaks in the PC. It opens backdoor for cyber cribbers to control the System unauthorizedly and steals highly confidential informations such as username, password, bank account informations and so on. So, to maintain overall PC performance and data security, it is very important to uninstall Hearbeat related files from the System immediately.


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