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Tips to Uninstall GESD Ransomware Virus from Your PC

Hi, I’m Parker. My PC is infected by GESD Ransomware virus and I want to uninstall it quickly. Yesterday, when I was working with my personal computer then it starts displaying error messages. The saved files get locked and I can not access them properly. My computer is also working very slow and sometimes crashes the working window automatically. I have used installed antivirus software to remove it but still present on there. Please help me to uninstall GESD Ransomware virus from PC. Thanks in advance…

GESD Ransomware

Uninstall GESD Ransomware

What is GESD Ransomware?

The PC’s are again coming in the contact of new DJVU ransomware’s new version which is GESD Ransomware. It is very harmful threat to all personal computers. This threat first enter into the computer and encrypt files. When the user wants to access the encrypted files then it demands a huge amount of money to give the decryption key. The file-like image file, video file, PDF file, HTML file, text file, and many more get easily encrypted by this virus. The ransom note will leave on the computer screen is in “_readme.txt” where it will express all its demands. It demands $490 from the user after encrypting the files which are valid for 72 hours. Once the provided time duration has completed then it demands $980.

What are the Symptoms of GESD Ransomware Virus?

The GESD Ransomware has some symptoms that will help the user to encounter it in the system. After encrypting the files from the computer then the user will receive the “datarestorehelp@firemail.cc” or “datahelp@iran.ir” contact email addresses. The threats are trying to contact the user by using this email ID’s. The malicious ways are trying by this virus to enter into PC are by sending spam emails, click on the suspicious links, download files from an infected website, by showing pop-up ads, providing free software update facility, etc. If these activities have received by the user then their PC is infected by GESD Ransomware and they need to uninstall it.

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