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Delete Search.hclassifiedslist1.com Completely from Web Browser

When I start surfing the web, Search.hclassifiedslist1.com appears as my default homepage. I don’t know how it got installed in my web browser. It is becoming difficult for me to surf the web normally and floods of annoying alerts comes up on the screen. I am looking forward for the effective method to deal with the situation. If you have any idea about it then please help me. All the suggestions will be strongly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.


Search.hclassifiedslist1.com is a browser hijacker whose interface seems like a legitimate search engine site. You need to know that it has been designed by the hackers for promotional purpose. It enters in the system secretly and gets installed as an extension in the web browsers. When you will start surfing the web, Search.hclassifiedslist1.com will appear as your default homepage. It will provide a search bar and claims to enhance the working experience of the users. You need to know this hijacker can use your surfing history to display advertisements of your choice. It will flood your screen with unstoppable pop ups and asks the users to download the latest version of software, music, videos etc. Even more, it will also provide free download links to the users. Beware because Search.hclassifiedslist1.com is not a legitimate domain, so try to remove it immediately after detection.

The main objective of the hackers is to increase the network traffic of Search.hclassifiedslist1.com through illegal ways. It also carries ability to stop the users from visiting any legitimate sites of their choice. In its presence, you will find extremely sluggish speed of various functions of the system as well as Internet connection. It is also possible that the hijacker will modify the registry entries with harmful codes or payloads. Additionally, you will detect unwanted changes in the default settings of the system and it will start to behave strangely to your instructions. Besides this, it also targets the financial details of the users and steals them secretly by tracking your online activities. Hence, it is essential to delete Search.hclassifiedslist1.com permanently to protect the system from future troubles.

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