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Uninstall Converters Now Toolbar Permanently from Infected PC

Does anyone know about Converters Now Toolbar? I detected its ad during my Internet session. It asked me to install its free extension which will help me to view PDF files easily and quickly. It was looking useful but some sites claims that it is a potentially unwanted program. I am quite confused and doesn’t understand what to do now? Is it safe to install Converters Now Toolbar in the system? Will it help me to search the web easily? Is it a legitimate program? Please provide completely instructions about it. Thanks a lot.

Converters Now Toolbar

Converters Now Toolbar is deemed as potentially unwanted program which is designed by the third party hackers. It pretends to be a legitimate application which convinces the users to install its free extension. Converters Now Toolbar claims to be compatible with different web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. This program says that it will help you to view PDF’s quickly and easily. It also claims to provide direct access to free web search on the new tab page. You need to know that once you will click on Download button without reading its privacy policy or EULA (End users Licensed Agreements) then several additional programs will also invade in your PC. Converters Now Toolbar is not a genuine program, thus try to uninstall it if you have installed it accidentally.

Once Converters Now Toolbar gets installed, you will not be able to perform any activity on the web. It keeps redirecting the search results of users to unauthorized pages which is quite annoying. This program can affect the system performance and the running speed of all the basic functions such as start up, shut down, opening files, playing games, installing applications will degrade gradually. Even more, it can disable all the installed programs, software or even the security programs to stay for long time in the system. You will also notice unwanted changes in the system settings and abnormal behaviour of the PC. Hence, it is highly recommended to uninstall Converters Now Toolbar in the early phase after detection to avoid future troubles.

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