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Remove Trojan.FakeMS Completely from Infected PC

Have you noticed the presence of Trojan.FakeMS in the system? Are you completely annoyed with unwanted error messages on the screen? Does the threat has damaged your important files or documents? Do you want to remove the threat permanently? If you are facing all these issues and wants to get rid of it permanently then you have reached at perfect location. We recommend you to follow the given instructions in step-by-step manner to protect the system from further troubles.


Trojan.FakeMS is a malicious trojan which is recently in news for performing malicious activities in Windows based system. It will penetrate without any prior notification and carries ability to install itself under the internal files. Trojan.FakeMS has ability to disable the working of installed anti-virus and other security tools to escape its presence for long time. When you will boot the system, it will execute itself automatically with the help of modification in registry entries. This threat is capable to degrade the running speed of various functions such as start up, shut down, opening files, playing games, installing applications, Internet connection etc. Even more, it will also corrupt your saved files or documents and makes them completely inaccessible. Hence, if you have detected any of the symptoms of Trojan.FakeMS in your PC then remove it permanently from the infected PC.

You will be shocked to know that Trojan.FakeMS has been created by the cyber criminals with malignant motive. Without your consent, it will secretly keep its eyes on your online habits and record all the credential information related to bank account details, passwords, user names, credit card details etc. The worst part is that it is capable to send the collected data to the remote location servers. Its presence is responsible for leading the system to destructive situation and make you suffer from identity theft situation. Even more, this threat will not allow you to perform any normal activity and system will start to behave strangely to your instructions. It is also possible that your system will start to crash or freeze at certain time intervals. Hence, it is essential for the users to remove Trojan.FakeMS quickly otherwise you have to pay heavy penalty in future.

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