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Remove FreeMe Ransomware Instantly in Few Minutes

Today, when I started the system, I found .Godlock extension in all the files. When I tried to access them, an annoying error message from FreeMe Ransomware appeared on the screen. It said that my files has been encrypted and I need to buy the decryption key. I don’t know about such problem and unable to understand how to deal with the situation. I am looking for the ways to remove FreeMe Ransomware permanently from the PC. Thanks a lot in advance.

FreeMe Ransomware

What is FreeMe Ransomware?

FreeMe Ransomware is recognized as malignant ransomware which has been developed by the cyber criminals. It can penetrate in the system secretly even without the users consent poses worst impacts on the PC performance. Once FreeMe Ransomware gets installed, it will append .Godlock extension in all the files, photos, videos, documents etc. When you will attempt to open such files, an unwanted message will appear on the screen and says that “Your files has been encrypted”. You will find a ransom note on the desktop which will claim that an unique key has been generated for your PC which is available on a private server. It asks the users to pay the ransom amount to get the key and decrypt the files in few clicks. Users need to know that FreeMe Ransomware is not legitimate, so you should not trust any of its alerts.

In fact, FreeMe Ransomware also provides a time limit of 7 days and says that if you will make delay then key will be deleted permanently and you will lose all the chances of files recovery. Users need to know that it is only a scam of the hackers which should not be trusted by the users. Even after sending money, you will be unable to decrypt the files. The worst part is that hackers will secretly track your online transaction and record all the credential information related to bank account details, passwords, user names, credit card number etc. In such a case, you will not only lose all the files but also face identity theft situation. In the presence of ransomware, your PC will behave strangely to your instructions. So, what are you waiting for, it is essential for the users to delete FreeMe Ransomware instantly to avoid further hazards.

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