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Delete Moxigo.com: How to Remove Moxigo.com Permanently

Since last couple of days, i am detecting Moxigo.com as my default search engine. Initially, i ignored it but yesterday i was unable to surf the web. When i open any legitimate site then my browser misguides me to unknown pages. I was completely annoyed with fake pop ups and advertisements. My system speed was also degrading and sometimes browser got freeze for few minutes. What is Moxigo.com? How it got installed in my PC? Why am i unable to remove its presence completely? Please help me.


Moxigo.com is a browser hijacker which claims to help the users in their web session. It can find its own way to lure in the PC and hijacks all the browsers. In the early phase, it will install fake extension in order to mislead the surfing session of the users. It is also possible that Moxigo.com will appear as your default homepage and provides a search bar. It allows the users to search images, videos, news etc and also provides bookmarks of various legitimate sites. This page may seem like legitimate but it poses worst impacts on the system. It is designed in such a way which is capable to record the user activities, cookies or surfing history. Using the previous records, it will display related advertisements to get more clicks. Moxigo.com is an unsafe domain so remove its presence immediately from the system.

You will be surprised to know that Moxigo.com has been created by the hackers. They use the domain for advertising purpose. On this page, you will find wide range of links which will ask you to download free programs or claims to provide attractive deals or discount coupons. In reality, it provides infected links which can bring bundles of malignant threats in the PC. Your search results will be redirected to malicious pages of the hackers for increasing their network traffic. It can also change the DNS configurations of the PC in order to stop the users from visiting genuine pages. It can also cause permanent freezing of the operating system if exists for long time. Hence, we strictly advise our users to remove Moxigo.com from the system to avoid further troubles.

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